Looking to improve your curb appeal? Start at the Front Door!

Being my very first Real Estate blog post, I felt it was only logical to start at the beginning… the first thing a Buyer sees, an often overlooked but supremely important part of any homes makeup and the gateway to your residence, yes, I am talking about your Front Door!

The front door of a home serves many purposes, from being the welcoming area for family and friends, the first thing that greets you as you get home from work, a sturdy barrier between the outdoor elements of our Canadian climate, and potential a statement on your personality for all those that pass by to notice.

You’ve no doubt heard the value that great curb appeal can provide when Selling your home. Your Front Door is an extremely significant part of that curb appeal. It can provide the exterior of your home with a great design element or statement about the home, allow for natural light to reach the interior living spaces, and be a welcoming presence for all those potential Buyers who visit your home with an eye on becoming the new owner.

An important thing to remember is that your front door is something that is used multiple times, every single day! It is important to not only to have a door which looks great, but also allow for the functionality of easy use, protection from the elements, security, and provide a level of efficiency for the home.

Modern front doors are constructed from numerous materials – Wood, Fiberglass, and Steel – are common in many homes, plus many different glass-insert and design styles are available. Finding the right mix of style, comfort, efficiency, and cost effectiveness are up to the individual and as always discuss your options with a professional contractor to ensure you have all the information to make an informed decision.