Marketing Your Property

The key to marketing your home or property is to create a strategy of emphasizing the best features of your property and offering maximum exposure to the pool of potential Buyers. There are many aspects to creating a marketing plan for your home or property which can accomplish these outcomes.


The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) System allows your property to be seen by all local agents on our Kingston Area Board system, as well as be featured on REALTOR.CA which contains the most property listings in Canada.


Your property, once listed will also be featured on our company website (, which will be able to conveniently direct potential Buyers to the necessary information they need to discover more about your home.


The most important aspect to consider with all marketing and promotion is the presentation of your home in a visually appealing way to potential Buyers. Prior to your home hitting the market a professional photographer take a series of high quality photos which focus on all the great features of your home. These photos will be utilized in all forms of marketing to maintain consistency. 


Social media exposure has become of utmost importance when marketing a home for sale. The ease of which potential Buyers can visualize images and view properties for sale makes it a great platform for additional exposure for your property. Along with office social media promotion, individual agent promotion and targeted, sponsored ads allow more eyes to view your property once it is listed.


Another part of the Marketing Plan utilizes high quality print materials to compliment the virtual marketing content. Information sheets are created to leave at your home for when prospective Buyers visit. This will allow them to have a take home component after they have visited the property. We also will utilize many local publications for print advertising, such as newspapers and magazines (as necessary), to enhance the opportunity of potential Buyers to view your property. And of course, once the property is listed a ‘For Sale’ sign will be place on your front lawn.